Bunty's Kitchen: Noah's lunch!

Recently, Noah has been enjoying the newly found freedom his four teeth have been giving him...particularly when it comes to mealtimes! For the last couple of weeks we have been introducing him to lunch, mainly in the form of finger foods. It doesn't really matter if he doesn't actually swallow a great deal, it's just good for him to practice the fine motor skills involved in picking up smaller items. Watching his facial expressions change with each new flavour is just precious! Here's what he had for his lunch today...

Sticks of celery dipped in humous! He also enjoyed a lovely soft pear which I peeled and sliced.

As you can see, there's no tidy way to eat these veggie lollipops! Please feel free to leave comments about your lunches for little one's! I always love to think of new tasty ideas!

Love Bunty

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