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These blogs are specifically going to focus on my Kitchen activities, particularly recipe ideas...hey, who does't love food?!

Today i'm going to show you some puree recipes I've been making up for Noah. What I love most about making baby puree's is that there are NO RULES! I love experimenting by mixing fruits with vegetables and getting my tiny one to test them for me...he just loves them, which in turn gives me a whole lot of satisfaction!

 I decided to make two puree's using a combination of cauliflower, carrots, parsnips, courgettes and pears. First of all I peeled the veggies and sliced them up, then I divided them: 

 Carrots and Cauliflower


Courgette and Pear

I boiled the veggies for 10-15 mins until they were slightly softened (but not too much-we don't want to boil the nutrients out of them) I then used my hand blender to puree them. I pureed the Pear with the Courgettes, and for the second puree I mixed everything together! So in the square container is the Pear and Courgette mix and in the other three circle containers is the carrot, parsnip, courgette, pear and cauliflower mix.

So very simply I made three meals with minimal effort! It's so easy! I have popped one in the fridge for tomorrow's evening meal, whilst the others are in the freezer for future use!

The finished product! Yum!

One satisfied little boy...he gobbled down his veggies tonight which also equals one happy Mama!



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