December favourites!

Okay, so one of the things I love about other blogs out there are the monthly updates of favourite beauty products. Not only do I find this a great way to learn tips and advice for using products that I may already own, but it actually introduces me to brands I haven't yet discovered, most of which I would like to know more about before considering purchasing.

These are my December favourites...I actually struggled to get them down to only a handful..I had loads this month but I'll keep them for another post!

So, in no particular order... * drumroll please*

First up is Estée Lauder's Double Wear concealer in the shade light- I picked this up when I was visiting my sister just before Christmas. This is probably the best concealer I have ever tried, it covers up my 'mummy panda eyes' so well and also is really good at covering any blemishes or outbreaks I might have. What I also LOVE about this product is that it lasts so well, all day in fact! A real must for my makeup 'staples' lol.

Next is Estée Lauder's Double wear Foundation- Now I have tried several samples of this over the last few months, and have struggled to find exactly the right shade for my extremely fair complexion. I picked this up in the shade Fresco, but it's too dark for me, my neck is paler than my face, so with this shade on I just look like I've been tangoed! However, I am currently using it in the shade Cool Bone which is much more flattering on me! Like the concealer, this gives a beautiful flawless finish, and it really lasts all day! Again, I would recommend this to any busy ladies who don't have the time to constantly touch up their makeup during the day! This little beauty really does what it says on the bottle, which I must admit is a rare find!

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette- Tempting as it is to do a full product review on this, I shall refrain for the time being. I instantly just loved the look of the eye shadows and the packaging itself is both gorgeous and hardwearing! A serious contender for this month, I suspect this palette will probably be a daily staple for long while to come! I highly recommend this to anyone who, like me, adores the look of nude tones and dusky pinks!

Lipsticks- My obsession with lipsticks has admittedly been getting a little out of hand these past few weeks. Pictured here are, Revlon's 005 Sugar Frosting from the lip butter collection, Revlon's 095 Creme Brulee, also from the lip butter collection, Rimmel's 006 in Pink Blush, and finally Rimmel's 330 in Sloane's Plum.

I must say that Revlon have nailed it with their range of Lip Butters, they are so soft and buttery on the lips, mine feel extremely moisturised and nourished with it on. They are a perfect choice for protecting lips from the winter weather whilst also maintaing a pretty colour.
I really gravitate towards a pink lip, which is why it's no surprise that I own Rimmel's Pink Blush, this is a beautiful girly pink that is not too pigmented, it also works well combined with the Lip butters if you want a little more shimmer!
I picked up Sloane's Plum on a bit of a whim the other day, I would never normally opt for a dark berry colour, but I must confess curiosity got the better of me after seeing sooo many girls rocking similar colours this season. I really love the colour of this, it is quite a statement colour (on me anyway) but perhaps that's because I'm not used to wearing a darker colour on my lips! I think it's a great Autumn/Winter choice, but come the spring i'll definitely be storing it away in favour of the pretty pastels and summer coral shades!

Olay Moisturiser- This is just lovely, simple, cheap gorgeousness on my skin...love love love it!

The Body Shop Mango shower gel- Now I am a huge Bodyshop fan, I would definately struggle to find anything in there that I don't like that's for sure! This had such a refreshing scent, it is the perfect monday morning wake up! Next time you pass The Bodyshop, pop in and smell in the divine fragrance that is their Mango shower gel...I challenge you not to be tempted! haha!

So those are my favourites for last month, I hope you like them, what are your December favourites???

Love Bunty

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