Home Sweet Home

When I went to Uni for the first time, I quickly began to realize all the comforts I took for granted at home. I missed my family and being surrounded by love, I missed my mother's home cooked food that always filled the house with excitement and subsequently the pitter patter of little feet, running to see what delicious recipe was to be served that night! I missed the deep bath that could unwind you from the busiest of days and mum's fluffy towels afterwards that cuddled my skin.
I quickly began to realise how lucky I was to never have wanted for anything! Knowing this carried me through the discovery of the hardened world outside of our small village.
We never once moved house, so our house has always been home since my memories began. So many childhood memories come flooding back when I walk through that door: the pantomimes we acted out for our parents, so proud of ourselves! The birthday parties that filled us with excitement, Christmas and Easter, falling out with siblings and then the subsequent making up again, searching for Peter Pan and Neverland...in our back garden! The possibility of Giants existing (after finding a 'footprint' in the garden), my siblings and I running riot and my somewhat heroic parents, somehow still managing to get us all up, washed and ready for school in the morning.
When I got married in the summer of 2012 and began to build my home, I was very concerned with making a simple house a home. This meant painting walls, decorating rooms, buying furniture etc...But after Noah came along and the upkeep of the house naturally fell down my list of priorities, I have more of a home than I could have imagined. My parents have set the example to me, of what 'Home Sweet Home' really is and now I have the task of making sure the next generation know what a home is truly made of and how blessed we are to know what 'Home' is.


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