How I stay organized!

Hello again! Today I am going to talk you through how I keep myself, my family and my home organised and as chaos free as possible. I won't go overboard on the details but just to give you an idea of how I manage to remember everything that needs to happen in my day/ week...if you're interested to know more, keep reading!

These are my basic organizing 'tools', from left to right is my Cath Kidston 2014 diary, my week at a glance planner, my Emma Bridgewater notebook and finally what I like to refer to as my 'little list book'.

I was given this weekly planner as a Christmas gift and it has quickly become a daily essential! I use it more for reminders to myself such as phone calls to make or errands to run.                        

My calendar-every home definitely needs one of these! As a family who are often on the road with work projects it's really important to be able to see how our month is filling up in advance.

I picked up this diary a couple of weeks ago and I really like using it so far. I never normally opt for a soft backed small diary, but this year I wanted something handbag friendly that I could have on hand whenever and wherever I happen to be. I also really like the layout of this one, let me give you a little tour...


The classic pretty Cath Kidston prints!

Week-to-view with a helpful space for additional notes...

All too important address book!

More space for notes at the back!

 Important dates!

Holidays in major countries...nice to know!

This is my chore list, now I don't always follow it religiously but I try to space out the housework over the week to make it more achievable and less overwhelming!

This is part of my master grocery shopping list. Now, I almost always find myself getting distracted at the supermarket and buying things we either don't end up eating, or that we don't really need! Having a master shopping list means you can see at a glance generally all the things you normally have in stock so when something runs out you can be very specific about what you need to buy next time you hit the markets! Lets say it just helps to keep me focused on the task! lol

When I have decided what items we need from my master shopping list, I tend to write them on here so I can rip the sheet off and take it with me to the shops! Job done! 

Okay, so that is a general idea of how I try to keep the house running, however I don't want to give the impression that we run a highly structured and meticulously organised home! We don't! Firstly, it would not be fun for anyone and secondly, there would be little opportunity for a break in the routine! These are simply little things I try to follow to keep on top of everything, but quite frankly, family life is way more important than trying to run the home like a military commander! :)

Love Bunty


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