Mamas and Papas Urbo pushchair review

Choosing the right pushchair for any new parent can be a bit of a daunting task, especially when you consider the vast amount of styles and designs that are advertised, all claiming to be the 'perfect travel system' for your new bundle of joy.

When it came to making a decision, Eddy and I seemed to start out on very different pages. He LOVED the quirky designs of the more modern prams, whilst I have always favoured a more "classic" look. 

In the end though, we settled on a three-in-one design, which was kindly gifted to us by Eddy's parents. We've had this pram for a little over 6 months now- a good enough trial period I think- and I have to say I am SOO glad we chose it!.... Enter the Mamas and Papas Urbo!

Now this is a brilliant travel system. To start with, the feel of the pram itself is so so SO smooth! Having tried every other pram the shop offered, none came close to the fluidity of movement that the Urbo offers. It's also a very compact design, folding down easily into a small frame which will fit nicely into most car boots.

 The handy net basket underneath the pram provides a helpful space for those all important changing/ bottle bags, perfect for keeping your hands free and focused on the little one when you're out and about!

We chose the blue baby carseat which slots into the pram easily, making the transition between car and pram very swift and smooth...we have it down to a knack now, the baby hardly ever wakes! Lol

We also opted for the cream bassinet carrier. Now, although Noah has pretty much outgrown this piece, it's still by far my favourite! I just love the classic design infused with a modern touch. This bassinet is such a cosy little spot for baby, cushioned just perfectly to keep the bumps of the wheels to a minimum.

The black toddler seat is the only piece that actually came with the pram frame, although suitable from quite an early age, it is not, (in my humble opinion) a good replacement for the bassinet and therefore we felt it necessary to buy both the carseat and the bassinet carrier in addition. To its advantage though, the black seat does offer three adjustable sitting positions from sitting upright, to reclining slightly and then, finally lying down flat. I find this really useful these days for maintaining my little one's napping needs outside of the home.

It's also worth mentioning that all three seats are built to face forwards AND backwards, so as baby gets a little more interested in the world around him, I can change the carseat or toddler seat to face forwards. I never really bothered doing this with the bassinet though,  just because that was used in the early weeks when mama felt the need to watch him like a hawk at all times! (First time parent syndrome!)

Anyway, I hope this mini review might be of use to some of you out there, i'll leave a link here to the webpage for Mama's and Papa's where you can see the pram online there....happy shopping!

Love Bunty xXx


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