Nice to meet you!

Hey everyone! So this is my first official blog...ever! What do people write about in their first blog? I'm guessing introductions are probably a good place to start right? Come and meet my family!

This is my husband Eddy, wearing his trusty vest in the middle of winter! Brr! Sorry for the awful lighting by the way, the lights were turned down when this photo was taken, I was enjoying the ambience of my candles!

Here is my cheeky boy Noah, demonstrating his latest talent for blowing raspberries! It's become quite the joke of the house, I'm on to his game though..."Mummy i'll be really cute for you...if I can have my way!"

...Aannnd finally, this is me, taken just before Christmas at a bowling alley with some friends...Little disclaimer there, just in case you thought i had any hand in those interesting purple walls! Lol

So there you have it...our little family :)

Thanks for visiting and see you soon!


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