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Hi guys! So it's no secret that I love all things 'Shabby Chic', particularly when it comes to interior design, and more specifically, my home! So today I thought I would share with you some of the things I have collected, made and refurbished along the way! I find so much of my inspiration comes from looking at images, catalogues, magazines and good old Internet sites like Pinterest! But it's also lovely to share ideas and projects in the hope of inspiring others.... Why don't you make yourself a cuppa and have a flick through these.... Enjoy!

My home-made blackboard poster, I painted a piece of Mdf wood with blackboard paint, and then drew the design using a white chalk pen...simple but effective I like to think! 

This is my lounge dvd /display bookcase. I picked up the bookcase from Argos just before Noah was born. It was originally just wooden with a varnish before I sanded it down and painted it to give it a more Shabby Chic look.

My hanging hearts! the dried flower heart wreath decorated our top table at our wedding reception...it  still looks lovely though nearly two years later! 

This was a boring empty frame for ages until I placed some spare cotton fabric inside...a really simple way to add a pop of colour to neutral walls.

 I originally took this to university as a keepsake, now I take it wherever I am as a little reminder of the place I call home!

My Robert's radio is definitely a morning must have! I think I get this from my mother who always likes the radio on the go first thing...as do I now!

Our kitchen clock! This was a wedding gift which Eddy and I both Love! Watergate Bay is probably his favourite surfing spot in North Cornwall, and I have come to have a great love for the area. It's a lovely reminder of wonderful summer holidays at the beach.

Another cheerful message in the kitchen

I bought this lovely sign for my sister...and then thought it was so nice I bought one for myself! Naughty really!

I love our icon, it was another wedding gift to us. The craftsmanship of it is just stunning! My Best of British sign is also a classic! 

I painted my kitchen dresser and table legs in the last few weeks of pregnancy. I think I was 'nesting' at the time as I distinctly remember an urgent need to add a splash of colour to the kitchen...still loving it though!

These are my home-made curtains! Instead of faffing around with curtain rails and hooks I simply chose some pretty grey ribbon and stitched loops onto the top of each curtain, which easily slid onto the curtain pole. These were SO easy to make and have such a lovely country-cottage feel about them.

One of the curtains...

Both the curtains shut...They are obviously not blackouts, but I really like the gentle glow given to the kitchen when I close them during the day time...not that I close them very often during day! lol

This little wooden tray I picked up from a boutique shop, I think it was intended as more of a plant potting device, however, I use it as my handy kitchen cleaning caddy. I painted the front with blackboard paint and then used a chalk pen to create my own little design...


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