Thankful Friday!

Today, Eddy, Noah and I spent the morning at our local gym David lloyd Lincoln. There is a lovely calm atmosphere here and the whole set up is really practical for young families. It tends to be lovely and quiet during the day time, which makes it much easier bringing a child to a predominantly adult environment.

We loaded up Noah's toys and bottles, packed the laptop and gym gear and headed down here for breakfast. Coming down as a family meant Eddy could both work and keep an eye on Noah while I had a great workout! Then we swapped over for his turn in the gym while I sat in their lovely cafe area and blogged with the help of my little boy! After lunch, we both took Noah swimming in the pristine swimming pool! I love it here and i'm especially thankful that Eddy's type of work allows us to do things like this. We've all had a very productive day whilst having some wonderful family time too!

*Sorry there isn't a photo of the pool, it's more just for privacy reasons as it was quite busy with swimmers today!*


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