Baby keeps growing!

Hey guys! So yesterday I picked up a few little bits for Noah to tide his wardrobe situation over for a little longer. I am just in awe of how much he is growing at the moment though and I keep finding that clothes he was given at Christmas time are already too small and tight on him! Noah will turn 9 months on March 16th (where did that time go too?!) but already he is well into size 9-12 month clothing! Obviously different shops sizes run slightly differently to each other so he does still wear some age 6-9 month outfits, but really for the most part he is well into the next size up.

 Anyway, yesterday Eddy and I took him out to town and we stocked up on some essentials: socks, a few pairs of trousers, a cardigan and a long-sleeved top. I'm finding more and more that it's the trousers he grows out of first so I definatly wanted to replenish that department! Now I have to admit I love jeans on little boys and I especially love the more popular colours for winter like camel beiges and deep berry tones, they look so adorable! However, jeans can be SO impractical when it comes to nappy changes and much as I love them, there are days when I simply don't fancy wrestling chubby legs in and out of denim. That's why I have slightly overloaded on our supply of soft jogger-bottom style trousers for him. I wasn't too sure about the grey bottoms at first as I was a bit worried that style would look too 'grown up' on him and wouldn't work, but actually they do look really cute on! Now, I only shopped in Primark and Next this time as I was really only buying a few 'staples', nothing too fancy, here's what I got:

Blue socks from Primark: I love the stripes and these will be so easy to match with lots of different outfits.

More socks from Primark

Cardigan from Primark: Again, I love the stripes and the navy and maroon mix. This will take Noah through spring nicely I think.

Simple long-sleeved top from Primark: I love the blue again, this is so simple and basic, but easy to layer with jumpers and coats and I think the collar is so cute!

Jogger bottoms from Next: These are actually from a set of two, the other pair are grey but I don't have a photo as Noah was wearing them today and napping whilst I was photographing! They're lovely and soft inside though and perfect whilst the weather is still chilly!

Grey jogger-bottoms from Primark: staple staple staple!

Camel coloured jeans from Primark: I think Noah has gone through about three pairs of these, starting with the earliest size! They are really cute on and look so stylish in a cute 'baby-way' of course! 

That's everything for now, I really enjoyed showing you my mini 'baby haul', I might feature these more often!
To all the other mummies out there, Where do you shop for your little one's? And what do you dress your baby boys in?

Love Bunty


Times of change

Hey everyone! So I need to fill you in on a few big scale changes that are happening in our lives! Eddy, Noah and myself are about to begin a new adventure...we are relocating to the south! Eddy has got a new job which is based in Portsmouth and we are in the process of moving from Lincoln to the Portsmouth area. It's a huge change for us and there are so many elements that are both exciting and scary, but we are committed to doing the best we can for our little Noah and the opportunity that has come our way is just too good to miss!
Eddy's new job begins next week, but our new home won't be ready until the end of march, which leaves us with a few weeks of needing somewhere to stay. Our decision in the end, for the sake of not putting Noah through two house moves, was for Noah and I to move in with my parents in Devon, while Eddy works in Portsmouth during the week and then commutes to Devon to be with us at the weekends. It's not going to be an easy month in that sense, but after much deliberation, it really does feel like the best thing for Noah at the moment. Anyway, I shall be keeping you posted with what Noah and I get up to in the mean time, from my lovely home in Devon.

Noah is obsessed with the Toby the family dog. He keeps trying to get as close as he can-all the time!

Daddy serving up Noah's favourite breakfast: Banana with weetabix, yum!

The family hub and centre of all going's on in our home: of course, it's the kitchen, complete with a little cheeky baby!

...still trying to get to Toby, unfortunately for Noah, Toby isn't half as interested! Lol!

So as you can see, Noah has certainly made himself at home where we will be based for the next few weeks. We're all very excited for the future and I look forward to sharing the process with you all!

Stay tuned, 
Love Bunty!



Cath kids!

Good morning everyone! Today I'm going to show you a couple of bits I bought the other day to help store Noah's bits and pieces when we are out and about...I went online to the Cath Kidston shop, (which just so happens to be another absolute favourite!) where I ordered a baby changing mat and a large carry bag, both in the same train design.

This is what they look like, the train design is so cute for little boys!

I had been meaning to pick up a baby changing mat for ages, I really don't know how I survived all this time without one actually! Somehow I did, but I am delighted I finnnnnally have one. We do a lot of travelling as a family, but I always dislike changing Noah in the baby changing facilities at service stations as they are not often particularly clean. This mat is going to be a great help when we're on the road and the fact it can be wiped clean makes it so easy to use.
 When you roll it out it has a detachable zip bag for putting nappies into and it also comes with a net pocket for things like wetwipes. It's super handy to have everything on hand and in the same place for changing Noah when we are out of the house!

I also picked up some pram hooks which let you hang your shopping bags off of the handle. In this case i'm planning on having Noah's bag hanging there so I can reach for his toys/snacks/bottles more quickly when we're out and about. As we all know, time is very much of the essence when your little one wants something...thankfully this new system is going to save me a lot of time otherwise spent 'faffing' through my handbag trying to find his things!

Do you guys love Cath Kidston as much as I do? :p



Dads birthday

On Tuesday we celebrated my Dad's birthday and it was extra special as I got to be with him on his birthday for the first time in what feels like years! Although half the family were missing (two of my brothers away at Uni and my older sister and her family unable to make it down), the rest of us had a great time feasting on our local Indian takeaway and finishing it off with a large chocolate birthday cake! I am so thankful for my Dad and everything he stands for, he never EVER treats himself to things or shops for himself and has spent his life dedicating his time and efforts to his family and to us, his children. It's just so lovely to see him being spoiled a little bit on his birthday and to see the love our family shares for him. In true Wheelan birthday tradition, after the birthday candles have been blown out on the cake, we relight them so that my little sister and my two disabled brothers can have a go at blowing them out! They love this part of the celebration as we turn the lights out and present them with the glowing candles!



February Favourites!

February Favourites

St. Tropez Self Tan: 
Once February comes along my skin tends to be extremely pale from the duration of the winter months and lack of sunshine! I've been starting to use St. Tropez every so often, just to bring a little natural colour back to my limbs. This is one of the best self tanners I have tried- it has such a lovely scent too which isn't overbearing. It also goes on flawlessly so you can wave goodbye to streaks or uneven tan patches which can be so hard to avoid when applying fake tan yourself.

Twinings Lady Grey Tea:
A friend introduced me to Lady Grey early this month and I have become a little obsessed! Now, admittedly, I am not the most adventurous when it comes to flavoured tea or coffee, but this actually makes a lovely refreshing change to my normal English Breakfast tea. It's not too dissimilar to Earl Grey in taste, but it's more orangey in flavour... definitely recommend this to anyone who just wants to try something a little different.

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner:
I really really love this shampoo and conditioner! I've used only this brand this month as I just can't get enough of the lasting scent and the silky feel of my hair. The scent is almost like those refresher sweets from bygone days and it has this amazing lasting power, even on day three hair! The other thing I love about this shampoo and conditioner is that they make my hair feel so nourished and healthy, so much so that in my experience, no other brand compares!

Cussons Mum & Me Baby Sleep Tight Massage Oil:
I was given this lovely bottle as part of a baby shower gift before Noah was born and I have loved using it to massage him after his baths, however, I have also been 'sneaking' it for my own use! I'm telling you this massage oil is the perfect hand treatment for dry skin and nails! I've been lathering it on before bed to help replenish and moisturise my skin. I also use it during the day time whenever I feel my hands are particularly dry, say after washing Noah's bottles or using cleaning products...this really does make a difference and keeps my hands happy!

Coco Chanel Mademoiselle:
What can I say about this bottle of joy?! Quite simply, this is my favourite perfume ever and it is the one and only scent I wear and have worn for about two years now! Call me boring but this is an absolute classic and is perfect for daytime or evening, it has such a pretty and feminine scent which lasts all day. Now I am really not into perfume experimenting, I really don't rate many perfumes, but this one has the timeless factor and for me it's a total must have!

Clearasil Vitamins and Extract Wash and Mask:
I actually bought this accidentally thinking it was the exfoliating wash (typical 'didn't read the label' situation) haha! This is from the same range which I think is quite a new one to the Clearasil family. Its the Avocado and Pomegranate extracts one which is just gorgeous! I like to use this a couple of times a week as a facial mask, since I am no longer pregnant and my skin has resumed its cycle of break outs, this is a really nice cleansing wash which helps to keep my breakouts under control!

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in 015 'Cherish Devotion':
These 'chubby' lipsticks seem to be taking the beauty world by storm recently and I came across Revlon's answer to this whilst perusing the makeup aisles of my local Boots. I really like the colour of this- of course, it's bright pink! It also has a mild mint flavour which is lovely to wear on your lips. The packaging is also really cute and fun, I would recommend this to anyone who just wants something a little different in their makeup bag. We all know lipstick bullets are great but its nice to change it up once in a while! Revlon have these in several different colours...check them out!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser:
My final product for this month's favourites is this little cream cleanser from The Body Shop. I tend to apply this with cotton wool after removing my makeup and after washing my face. It's very mild and sinks into the skin quickly so my face feels hydrated and fresh instantly. This is a great little product which can be easily incorporated into any morning/evening facial routine.

So those are my February Favourites, What are yours?

Love Bunty



Feb Glossybox

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Valentines day last friday! Sorry I've been a bit quiet recently, our internet connection has not been very nice to us lately...still working on it! Anyway,  today I'm going to show you what I received in this month's Glossybox! This month's box was a special Valentines edition and as you can see, the box design reflects this. I was very happy with the products in my box and very excited to use them too, however, I have to be honest and say that I really don't like the box design at all! I so much prefer the dainty baby pink boxes that normally appear. But anyway let me show you what was inside...

So here is what the box looked like upon opening...

...The usual Glossy magazine

And the first product I received was this set of false eyelashes by Eldora. Now, I don't wear false lashes often but I do think these look quite natural, just super long! I will probably save these for a party as they are definitely not part of my everyday makeup routine!

Nougat London Sparkling body Shimmer: This is lovely silky liquid shimmer which has a very refreshing, light scent. It has mallow extract, vitamin E and wheatgerm enriched oil, so it does leave my skin feeling nourished, moisturised and looking radiant. It's quite subtle so it could be used during the day to create a bit of a dewy glow on your arms or legs. This retails at £14 for 250mls and you can buy it here.

Toni & Guy Stick It Up Gum: I have to say I was intrigued by the packaging of this product, it's really fun and quirky! Although I don't personally use waxes or gums on my hair, my husband does and he loved trying out this little pot...I think I may just give it to him, haha! This retails at £7.20 for 90mls and can be purchased at your local Boots.

Ciate London Paint Pot: What a little beauty?! I was really excited about receiving this polish as I am a huge fan of red nails and I love trying out new nail brands, so this product is a complete win for me!  Its a beautiful popping red colour called Red Hot Chilli and retails at £9. You can buy it here!

Maybelline's New York ColorSensational in757 Naked Brown: Looking at the packaging of this lipstick I was quite excited expecting to find a nude/pink colour. However, when I opened it and discovered the dramatic colour underneath, I was slightly taken aback! This is not a lipstick I would normally gravitate towards, but it does seem to be quite a popular one this winter. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to wear it publicly, but I do actually secretly like it on! This is definitely a winter colour though, the dark berry tone is very complimentary to autumn (i think!) 

Here is a swatch of the colour so you can see how dark it is, I love that deep 'purpliness' to it!

And finally, this little extra treat-Thank you Glossybox! Eddy and I LOVE Lindt chocolate and we both enjoyed munching this earlier! :)

So that's everything I got in this month's Glossybox, I hope you like the products, which one's are your faves?

Stay Glossy!

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