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Good morning everyone! Today I'm going to show you a couple of bits I bought the other day to help store Noah's bits and pieces when we are out and about...I went online to the Cath Kidston shop, (which just so happens to be another absolute favourite!) where I ordered a baby changing mat and a large carry bag, both in the same train design.

This is what they look like, the train design is so cute for little boys!

I had been meaning to pick up a baby changing mat for ages, I really don't know how I survived all this time without one actually! Somehow I did, but I am delighted I finnnnnally have one. We do a lot of travelling as a family, but I always dislike changing Noah in the baby changing facilities at service stations as they are not often particularly clean. This mat is going to be a great help when we're on the road and the fact it can be wiped clean makes it so easy to use.
 When you roll it out it has a detachable zip bag for putting nappies into and it also comes with a net pocket for things like wetwipes. It's super handy to have everything on hand and in the same place for changing Noah when we are out of the house!

I also picked up some pram hooks which let you hang your shopping bags off of the handle. In this case i'm planning on having Noah's bag hanging there so I can reach for his toys/snacks/bottles more quickly when we're out and about. As we all know, time is very much of the essence when your little one wants something...thankfully this new system is going to save me a lot of time otherwise spent 'faffing' through my handbag trying to find his things!

Do you guys love Cath Kidston as much as I do? :p



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