Essie's 'Ballet Slippers'

Hey guys, I want to show you a beautiful new nail polish I picked up last week. This is Essie's 'Ballet Slippers.'- A gorgeous pale pink colour! It's very dainty and subtle and would look beautiful in a French manicure. Nevertheless, it certainly can hold its own though- it looks fab by itself! Aside from having a super cute name, I can't get over how delicate and soft it appears on my nails. Its definitely one of those brilliant finds that could be worn for any occasion, be it your wedding, a party, the office day job...

I've compared it with a white polish by Barry M, just to show you high light the pink is. It must be one of, if not, the lightest pink polish I own. Very timeless, this little pot won't be going out of fashion any time soon, so it's a great little investment to make in a trusted nail brand.

Which are your Essie faves?

Love Bunty



  1. Gorgeous colour! was looking at a dress for a wedding that matches this perfectly, may have to buy this! :) xx

    1. Thanks Michelle! It is a lovely colour isn't it?! It's very easy to wear with any outfit so I'm sure it will look ace at the wedding! xXx


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