January Favourites

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a restful weekend and a good start to the week! Today i'm blogging about my favourite products of last month. January's faves' definitely have a bit of a 'skin care' theme to them. The weather has really been taking its toll on my skin and as i'm already really prone to dryness in my hands, i've been extra careful about keeping my skin hydrated and moisturised this month! 

First up is a cuticle oil by the brand Nail HQ. I picked this up in a supermarket on a bit of whim, but I've been delightfully surprised by how well it has conditioned my nails and moisturised them. They have been sooo brittle and damaged this winter so I have been lathering them in this oil a couple of times a day and it has had an amazing effect! I would highly recommend this as a brilliant home treatment for your nails. 

One nail polish I have loved using is Barry M's Raspberry, 273. This is a gorgeous deep berry colour which really suits me...if I say so myself! (Lol)

The other polish I have loved is Barry M's Bright Red, 349. I always gravitate towards red nail polish's, and this one is just lovely. It's nice to have a pop of colour on your nails when you're stepping into the wintery outdoors!

The Body Shop's Vitamin E lip balm. This is quite a basic lip balm but it is extremely moisturising. The packaging is really cute too! I keep this in my handbag all the time now, it really protects my lips from the harsh winds and keeps them nourished and soft! Definitely a staple for this season!

Revlon's Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Snow Pink, 205. This is a lovely nude/pink shade which looks ace over lipstick or worn by itself.

Rimmel's Glam'Eyes quad eye shadow in smokey brun, 002. I really love this palette, i've used it so much this last month! I was also pleasantly surprised by the quality as it is quite a 'cheap and cheerful' brand. But I'm really happy overall and would definitely buy more Rimmel eye shadows.

This is The Body Shop's Vitamin E Serum-in-oil which is from their new range of Vitamin E Products. This is a beautiful silky soft serum which goes on your skin flawlessly. Using it overnight really helps to replenish your skin leaving it fresh and hydrated in the morning. I really love using this!!

The Body Shop's Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream- This goes hand in hand with the serum above. I apply this after the serum which is designed to lock in the moisture. Again, I love this! It has a beautiful light scent and feels wonderfully soft on the skin. Gorgeous!

I like to exfoliate my skin at least once a week. At the moment i'm using The Body Shop's Shea Sugar Body Scrub. This has such a lovely scent, which actually was the reason I bought it! It leaves your skin so soft and silky afterwards. I love to use it when I'm having a bath and relax for a few minutes with this on....

...After using the sugar scrub I apply the Shea Body Butter. I've bought these body butters for years now, but this has to be my favourite one in the range! This stuff is amazing in the winter months. It is so buttery and soft on your skin, I love using this before bedtime and anticipating the lovely feeling of waking in the morning with soft, silky and nourished skin.

Not exactly a beauty/skin product....however, I would be lying if I said these were not a January favourite! I'm not sure how many times we bought these little lovelies, but apparently not enough as we are out again! Nooo!

So those are my January faves, what were yours??

Love Bunty 

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