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Hi guys, happy first of feb! Where did January go?! I feel like i've just adjusted the house post- Christmas decor....and here we are with february upon us! Crazy!

Anyway, be assured, there is a point to today's blog! Im going to share with you all what I got up to yesterday...

For aaages i've been harping on to Eddy about having some kind of 'desk-like' area to keep my files and 'creative things' in order. That sounds awfully vague, I'm talking about my glorified pencil case really! But since trying to commit to blogging every day, I thought it would be so nice to have a spot to record ideas and let the inspiration flow from....

I spent hours sifting through pages on Pinterest for ideas of how to display my ideal desk. After all, who wants a boring 'corporate looking' office in their home?  I definitely wanted to personalise my work area and give it some character. Out came my favourite fabric from the store cupboard, and I took it from there really...

Et Voila! What do you guys think?

Love Bunty xXx


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