Noah's ark

Yesterday, Noah's Grandma came around with a belated Baptismal gift for him, this beautiful Noah's ark set! I knew she had wanted to get him this for a long time so we were greatly anticipating its arrival and it was such a lovely surprise yesterday when she popped over with the gift! 

Having a son named Noah has, as you can imagine, given him a bit of a theme for life as far as toys go, I think he is the proud owner of at least three different Noah's arks! 
This one is absolutely gorgeous though and I can't wait to have it in his nursery when we move house. I really love the simple and charming designs that East of India create over and over again. Although this is clearly a gift for a baby, it's so charming and timelessly presented that I'm sure it will stay in his room for years to come...maybe it will become a family heirloom?! Who knows! 
But thank you very much to Grandma Morton, Noah is going to love playing with this beauty and I am certainly enjoying the inspiration I have for decorating a new nursery!

The set comes with the ark and a beautiful box housing the animals.

Here are the animals lined up two by two! I love how it comes complete with a ladder and figurine of Noah!

Here's a close-up of the box...isn't it gorgeous? 

The animals 'resting' inside! Look how cute the elephants are! I think they're my favourite :)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!
Love Bunty 

*Although East of India don't currently have the Noah's ark on their website, you can purchase it here from Hello Daisy.*



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