Noah's play blanket

Hello everyone! Check out Noah's new play blanket! I made this last week after picking out some fabric and wadding at our local Dunelm. Noah is at that stage where he is a confident little sitter, but occasionally he loses balance and has a topple. Although pillows are a great help, he does like to move them around to the point where they are no longer poised to take impact! So I decided to make him a nicely padded out play blanket which is really sweet and also soft enough to cushion any wobbly moments! I LOVE the outcome of this, it could easily double up as a baby cot blanket too which is super handy.
What do you think? 

The finished product!

And here is little man playing with one of his many arks.

Love Bunty



  1. Hi Bunty,

    Saw you and your beautiful, Noah at Leeds this weekend and I have to say that I also noticed the gorgeous playmat. Well done you - you may have quite a few people asking you for commissions soon :)



    1. Awh Thank you so much Christina , I don't know what i'd do without my sewing machine, haha! I hope you had a wonderful retreat too,
      love Bunty


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