Times of change

Hey everyone! So I need to fill you in on a few big scale changes that are happening in our lives! Eddy, Noah and myself are about to begin a new adventure...we are relocating to the south! Eddy has got a new job which is based in Portsmouth and we are in the process of moving from Lincoln to the Portsmouth area. It's a huge change for us and there are so many elements that are both exciting and scary, but we are committed to doing the best we can for our little Noah and the opportunity that has come our way is just too good to miss!
Eddy's new job begins next week, but our new home won't be ready until the end of march, which leaves us with a few weeks of needing somewhere to stay. Our decision in the end, for the sake of not putting Noah through two house moves, was for Noah and I to move in with my parents in Devon, while Eddy works in Portsmouth during the week and then commutes to Devon to be with us at the weekends. It's not going to be an easy month in that sense, but after much deliberation, it really does feel like the best thing for Noah at the moment. Anyway, I shall be keeping you posted with what Noah and I get up to in the mean time, from my lovely home in Devon.

Noah is obsessed with the Toby the family dog. He keeps trying to get as close as he can-all the time!

Daddy serving up Noah's favourite breakfast: Banana with weetabix, yum!

The family hub and centre of all going's on in our home: of course, it's the kitchen, complete with a little cheeky baby!

...still trying to get to Toby, unfortunately for Noah, Toby isn't half as interested! Lol!

So as you can see, Noah has certainly made himself at home where we will be based for the next few weeks. We're all very excited for the future and I look forward to sharing the process with you all!

Stay tuned, 
Love Bunty!


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