Not more lipstick Bunty!

Hi everyone, yes, I'm afraid I did it again! I couldn't pass on picking up a couple of lippies the other day...eek! With spring on the way and the expectation of warmer weather soon (I hope!) I thought it would be nice to invest in a couple of pastel colours!

As you probably have guessed I'm a bit of a fan of Revlon lipsticks/glosses/balm stains...just Revlon in general! I picked up another Lip Butter, this time it's 055 Cupcake. These Lip Butters are so lovely and easy to wear, I know I rave about them a lot so I'm not going to give you a hefty review here, but I'll show you a swatch of this pretty pastel pink below...soo lovely!

I also checked out the Rimmel counter and picked up a lipstick from the Kate Moss collection, this is 101 and it's a lovely matte pink. It's just a tad darker than my all time favourite Revlon Matte 002 Pink Pout. This really pretty pastel pink is easy enough to blend with a gloss over it for a more shiny finish. The only thing I will say is that it has this very sweet scent/ flavour that kind of reminds me of watermelon and lots of sugar! I don't really think it adds anything to the overall effect, I probably would prefer a non- flavoured version myself!

Finally, I wanted to show you something knew to me, it's a Bourjois Colour Boost lipstick in the shade 03 Orange Punch. This was definitely a 'whim' buy as I don't normally buy Bourjois makeup at all! However this little lippie packs quite a punch. It not only claims to be waterproof and have an SPF of 15, but it also claims to stay in place for 10 hours!! That's quite a claim to make and so I am wearing it today...just to test it! Haha! I don't normally go for orangey lipsticks but I'm tempting the sun to come out with this one....let's see if it works! 
It is very soft and hydrating on the lips, it feels more like wearing lip balm which I do like. I have quite high hopes for this making it into my summer makeup bag!

Here are swatches of the three colours, from left to right is Revlon's Cupcake Lip Butter, Rimmel Kate Moss' 101 and Bourjois Orange Punch Colour Boost.

What are your spring faves?

Love Bunty 



  1. Gorgeous shades, you can never have too many lippies! xx



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