Tempting the sun with sandals

Hi guys, on monday my mum and I spent the day in Exeter, we bought Noah along and had such a nice time mooching around the shops. Its rare I get mum all to myself these days so I really appreciated being able to spend the day with her. We looked into all our favourites, including John Lewis (where I mentally made a rather substantial summer wish-list!), they have such lovely spring pastel colours that flow through their home department all the way to the fashion department! I know I got a bit carried away admiring the Ted Baker bags and clothes that I almost had to be dragged away! Haha!
Anyway, I found these lovely sandals in this gorgeous bright fluorescent pink colour which I loved instantly! I noticed they also had them in white too and spent ages deciding between the two...until mum kindly treated me to both of them. She had me laughing as she described the pink ones as 'rather traveller chic'....I personally think that's no bad thing though- I believe us girls all have some traveller chic inside just waiting to be channelled! I'm not sure if the photos do justice to how fluorescent these sandals really are...they are a bit edgy, but so fun for the warmer weather, I can't wait wear them in the upcoming months!

Let me know what you think!
Love Bunty


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