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Hi everyone! Okay, so this is a bit of a digression from my usual 'beauty related' topics but I thought this high street product truly deserved a mention. I received this in last month's Glossybox. It was a shame because the box itself was a major let down last month :( I've never had a 'bad box' before so I was gutted when last month's contents arrived and they were ( and I'm sorry to say it) very mediocre. However, on a more positive note, I did receive this Dove intense hair treatment which I tried recently and really liked.
As you can see, it comes in a teeny tiny tube which holds one 'shot'. The packaging is great this way because it's so quick and easy to apply and great for traveling/ weekends away. I'm going to a wedding in a couple of weeks and I know this will be a great quick fix for my hair the night before!
The contents feels very much like a normal Dove conditioner, it has the same consistency and scent, which is, as most of you probably know, beautifully fresh. I massaged this into my hair after shampooing and conditioning, and allowed it to sit for 60 secs, as recommended. Whilst rinsing the product out, the effect was instantaneous as my hair became soft, supple and incredibly smoothe! I allowed my hair to dry naturally and the following day I could really see and feel the results. My hair held onto that silky soft feeling, it felt pampered and healthy and I couldn't have been more impressed with such a cost effective and quick treatment! 
I know that hair products and brands work differently with different people, and what works well for one person won't necessarily yield the same results in the next person, but at £1.49 this really is well worth a trial! 
So ladies, if your hair is dry or damaged, or just in need of a bit of TLC, I really recommend you give this a go, I love that it delivers exactly what it promises aswell as being incredibly affordable! It's a total win win situation!

Hope you're all enjoying today,
Love Bunty



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