Moving house

Hi everyone I'm back! We have officially moved house and I'm so excited to share our new adventure 'down south' with you all! So firstly, sorry I've been completely absent from all forms of social media for the last week, it has certainly been a busy week for us, packing up, organizing, downsizing, filtering and driving! We have been settled into our new digs for two days now and finally I'm seeing things fall into place...it definitely feels more like home now most of the brown packing boxes are gone and most of our bits and pieces have found a place. 
My goodness though, it's been crazy. I was just thinking its funny how hard we found moving all our things only two years into our marriage with one baby...how do people do it with years of collected treasures and lots if children?! You amazing people!
Like many relocaters, I had mixed emotions seeing all our belongings leave what has been home for the last two years...we made so many memories in Lincoln, had a baby there! It is sad to say goodbye but thankfully having Eddys family living there, I know we will be back again soon enough. It is nice to know it's not goodbye forever, just for a while.
Anyway, I thought I'd share a few snaps of the transition from Lincoln to sunny Portsmouth...I hope you like!

 My little helper, what would I do without this guy?!

Garage filling up awaiting our removal team!

Ready to hit the road!

I don't know how many boxes we packed, but I knew by the end it must have been LOADS as every time I closed my eyes I saw piles of brown boxes! Haha!

Removal van, hurray! As you can see on the van, we used the Lincoln based 'it's in transit' team and they honestly took so much of the stress away from us. They were brilliant and so friendly, we would defiantly 100% recommend them to any movers near Lincoln! It was funny actually because we got up early on Tuesday morning, and hit the road at about 5.30am and when we stopped for breakfast they happened to be pulled over at the same services....how random! I swear that wasn't planned!

New kitchen! Our kitchen/living space is open plan which I love and it's so practical when you have a little crawler you need to keep an eye on!

Room with a view? This was our first evening taken from our balcony. There's a really European feel to the area here. We are right by a harbour and shopping/ restaurant complex. Bustling as it may sound, it's actually very peaceful. I think the proximity of the water has that effect, I always see people just walking around and enjoying the breathtaking views of the area, relaxing in the sun. It's a wonderful place to call home!

The Spinnaker tower! I've grown to love this piece of architecture.

That's it for now guys, I hope you enjoyed a little taste of our week..be sure to check back for plenty more adventures coming up!

Love Bunty


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