Weekend in Cheltenham and a wedding!

Hi guys, on Saturday we joined the rest of my family in Cheltenham to celebrate my cousins wedding. This brought back so many memories for Eddy and myself who were married in the same church almost two years ago! My uncle married my cousin and her new husband, just as he married Eddy and myself and we had a great time celebrating afterwards.

Our whole family stayed in a Hatherley Manor Hotel in Gloucester, which is where the wedding reception also took place. It was actually really practical because when you have little ones to look after in the evening, knowing we have everything on hand takes a lot of pressure off planning an evening out. And it was also nice to have the rare opportunity for both of us to have a drink at the reception without having to agree on the 'designated driver'.

I thought I would get started today by showing you all what we wore to the wedding...and then I realised I completely forgot to photograph Eddys outfit! Sorry darling!

I wore a dress from Dorothy Perkins which I had my eye on for ages but it was one of those annoying situations where for a while, every time I went in to buy it, they would either not have my size, or they would have one in my size…with gross makeup stains on it! Eww! Anyway, last week, thankfully, I managed to pick up a perfect version in the right size! My jacket is from H&M and my shoes are from Dorothy Perkins too. For my accessories I’m wearing a necklace which is also from Dorothy Perkins and then just my wedding rings and my eternity ring that my mum passed on to me when I turned 18.

Noah is wearing an outfit from H&M, I had so much fun picking this out for him! The shirt, bow tie and trousers came in a set, along with a cardigan too. I also bought him some breeches which I thought were so adorable for a baby! On his feet he is wearing his baby Vans which were a christmas present from his aunty. 

We all had such a lovely time and it was so relaxing to make a weekend of it in a country hotel. I took a stroll on Sunday morning before we left and even though it decided to rain, the garden looked stunning! Gloucester is such a beautiful part of the country and I feel it really epitomises the stereotypical 'English countryside' perfectly. Don't get me wrong, I love my home...but I would also kill to have these kinds of views from my garden! 

Giant chess board! We will definitely have to come back during the summer!

I just love how cosy it felt staying here. All I wanted to do on Sunday morning was to curl up i. This chair with a good book and cup of tea!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too, roll on May this week! Can you believe it?!

Love Bunty

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