Accidental Inspiration!

Hi guys,
So yesterday I was doing my usual hoovering of the house and once I got to Noah's room I quickly picked up his rug and threw it on one of my dining chairs to allow me to get the job done faster.
Once I had finished though I went to retrieve his rug and saw it sitting pretty perfectly on the chair and it got me thinking..."Hey, there's an idea!" It was honestly a complete fluke how perfectly positioned the rug seemed on the chair-as if I had deliberately placed it there! 
But something about the natural hard wood contrasted against the soft sheepskin really appealed to me. It reminds me of all those Scandinavian inspired homes you see in the magazines and I really quite like the combination together. I think it's a great way to make an 'occasional' chair more comfortable whilst appearing as decorative and homely!

So guys, start throwing your rugs around the room! You might just strike a lucky accidental inspiration! haha!

..."Erm, darling how many of these am I allowed to buy?!"

Love Bunty


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