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Hi guys! The other day as I was having a look at the Clarins counter I noticed they had a remarkably good offer on which consisted of 4/5 products for £20, all packaged in a lovely red makeup bag! The lady at the counter then continued to offer me tonnes of free samples of eye creams, masks, gels...you name it! I had a lovely time going through each one with her and comparing lotions and potions!
Anyway, I came away with some lovely goodies which I am so impressed with. Clarins have always been a long time favourite of mine, but I really haven't bought from them in ages.
 I thought I would tell you about the top three products I received and why I think they are so amazing!

 First up is their Beauty Flash Balm. Now this is really lovely! Like most of their products, it has a gorgeous light scent, nothing too 'in your face', but just enough to enhance the lovely refreshing feeling it has once applied. The instructions suggest you apply a thin layer to your face without rubbing in and then apply your makeup immediately. This claims to tighten and brighten your complexion through your makeup and really enhance your natural skin. Now I can't say my skin looks amazingly glowy or radiant with this on, but it sure does feel it! This is a lovely product and my face feels like it's had an instant shot of hydration once I apply it. It's neither sticky or oily which is a big plus and it sinks into the skin quickly without irritation. I also really like that you can use this on its own or under fuller coverage makeup, depending on what you fancy and your skin is still going to feel the benefits!

The second product that I absolutely love is the HydraQuench intensive serum. Firstly, although this only contains 15mls of serum, Clarins get a sweet 10/10 for the packaging- the bottle is glass which I think is so cute for a sample. Also, because you only need a tiny amount of product in one go, I know I'm going to be using it for a while before needing to purchase full size. This has the same scent as the HyrdaQuench cream, which I am a longstanding fan of. I really feel it goes hand in hand with the cream as the perfect partners to soft, hydrated and luxuriously pampered skin.

Finally, the HydraQuench cream, my old buddy. Granted I haven't bought this in a while but I used to wear this all the time. I wore it on my wedding day and the days leading up to it! I love and trust this product so much as the best instant hydration fix for your skin. (Apart from water obvs!) It's light and fresh and sinks into your skin quickly leaving it feeling nourished and extremely soft. Out of all these products, I recommend this one as the most universal. This definitely is a longtime favourite skincare product of all time for me! love love LOVE IT!

Okay guys, that's it for now! I hope you enjoyed this post :)
Love Bunty

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