Dressing like a Lady

Good afternoon lovely people, 

I take an interest in fashion as much as the next girl does. By that I mean I like to feel good in what I wear whilst feeling at least somewhat 'current.' Fashion trends come and go so quickly these days and whilst it is nice to feel good about what you are wearing, i've always thought it important not to become a 'slave' to trends for the sake of keeping up, without due care for how you represent your body.
'Modesty' is a far-reaching word that seems to have no boundaries...I mean does dressing modestly mean covering up from your chin to your toes? Is wearing a skirt above the knee immodest?

 How we perceive and interpret dressing modestly has changed a great deal in the last few hundred years. Even from the Victorian codes of fashion to today, there have been some vast changes in how women are represented and how we are encouraged to view women. 
I don't personally like to thrash the word 'modesty' around because I feel it has acquired a slightly negative connotation, as if modesty somehow equates to taking the fun away from clothes shopping! What a thought! 

How I dress as a woman in my twenties has, naturally, changed from when I was teenager and even a late teenager. Appropriately so I think because my life is so different now too. As you grow older, your tastes change and develop and I think it's interesting to compare back then with now. I personally notice that I am a lot more critical of clothing now too. I would settle in my teens for any old fabric and cut, just to feel like I 'fitted in' with what my peers were wearing. Just yesterday though I saw a lovely knitted jumper in a shop, but after examining the fabric and realising how poor quality it was, I did something a far cry away from my younger self...I left it on the rail and walked away!
But my mentality is the same when it comes to shapes of clothing too. 

Anyway, without rambling I thought I would share some of the personal guidelines I use when choosing clothing to buy or wear. This is not a list of judgments or criticisms, these are literally just my own honest opinions! There is nothing more feminine than dressing like a lady and for me that is my fashion obsession...trying to emulate and look like a lady.

1) How you move in a skirt is just as important a factor as how short it is. My rule of thumb is that if you can't bend over with modesty intact, then you might want to re-think it.

2)Know your body, know your shape! For example, I am a 'pear' shape and I know there are certain styles that are just never going to flatter me as others might. 

3)Let your face be the focal point of your outfit! If that means covering over certain areas, for me that's a positive move! Eye-contact is much more personable than gawping at an unforeseen wardrobe malfunction.

4) A beautiful heel can work wonders for an outfit, but thinking longterm I try and look after my feet because I know that endless heels can eventually cause damage such as unwanted bunions and misshapen toes, (just to mention a few!). Invest in flats to give your feet a well deserved rest and when you do need your highest stilettos, a quality made heel can make a huge difference to your longterm comfort!

5) Do not forget your best friend- your petticoat! If you are wearing a light or very thin fabric skirt or dress, remember that lighting inside can be very deceiving and once you're outside with the full strength of the sun shining, translucency is a malfunction nobody wants to encounter!

6)Skin coloured underwear should be a staple in every woman's wardrobe!

Like I said, please don't read this as criticism as this is MY personal checklist based on my personal opinions. If one day I am blessed with a daughter, I would love for her to be a confident woman capable of dressing herself like a lady.

Hope all the ladies out there are having a wonderful day!
Love Bunty


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