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Hi guys, I've decided to introduce a new 'series' of blogs which I will post about every so often. These will be single posts about some of my favourite blogs I read. I do think us bloggers should stick together and help to spread the word on each other's blogs as far as possible and it's also lovely to have the opportunity to read more blogs and discover new people along the way.
 At the end of the day, no matter what topics we choose to blog about, or what made us decide to blog in the first place, we all want our blogs to be places which bring people pleasure and entertainment. 
There are so many reasons why people love to read blogs. Whether to bring a little ray of sunshine to a 5 minute work coffee break, or to just enjoy a moment of peace at the end of the day, it's lovely to think a blog can help to lift someones spirits or educate them on a topic they might be interested in. 
I am an avid blog reader and as much as I am inspired to blog about things in my life, I am equally inspired by the things I read in other blogs. The people behind my favourite blogs deserve recognition for their hard work and talent and I'm looking forward to helping to spread the word!

Without further ado, today's favourite blogger is Hannah Maggs. I am endlessly inspired by her and especially the involvement of her family in her blogs. I love how family oriented her blog is! I guess I feel I can relate to many of the topics she covers, particularly as we have both married relatively young and have babies of a similar age. I've picked up all sorts of tips along the way regarding baby products, general baby care and one of my all time favourite blog subjects, makeup! I am always checking to see if she has uploaded another post because I know whatever the topic, it's always going to be right up my street!
If you want to read something completely refreshing and beautifully presented, check out her blog people!


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