Fresh flowers

Hi everyone,
Whilst I was in Tesco's yesterday (of all places!)I picked up some of their scented stocks for the house as a little weekend treat. We have family visiting this weekend and I think it's always nice to make the house as welcoming and 'homely' as possible when you are hosting people!
Now, admittedly Tesco isn't the first place I would naturally go to for a bunch of flowers but like I said, I was very impressed by the quality of my stems and how healthy they look! Already as I came into my lounge this morning, their scent had filled the room with what I can only describe as a summer sweetness. Well, that's what it reminds me of anyway!

Stocks are beautiful flowers and they can add a lovely focal point to any part of a room. I personally love their shape...so much flower on one stem! For me they're a total win!
Don't a lovely bunch of flowers make such a difference to your day?! I think so anyway! 

What are your favourites?
Love Bunty


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