Green Juicin' on a Sunday

Happy Sunday guys! Okay, so our weekend has turned out to be a teeny bit stressful just with trying to put half a house worth of furniture together all in time for today as we are heading off to Whitstable for some work meetings later on and we won't be home until tuesday! Needless to say, I haven't managed to finish all the house stuff but I am looking forward to having a few days next week to focus on it. 
Anyway,I thought I would mention one of the things Eddy and I love to do...juice! It's such a great way to cram in your fruit and veggies and the health benefits are so dramatic that for us it really has become a part of our diet/lifestyle.
One of the ingredients I love using is kale which is full of nutrients and so I normally use it as a base for most of my juices. Although it has quite an 'earthy' taste, packing in fruits is a great trick so sweeten the overall taste and make it simply delicious!
My mother-in-law got me into juicing a few years ago. She always made this dark green juice which her kids thoughtfully named the 'swamp juice.' (I always found that hilarious)As good as 'swamp juice' is for you, she taught me ways to make juicing more of a pleasurably experience...making juice doesn't have to be dull, or a chore. I love it because there are NO RULES! Just about anything will work, and depending on your personal palette, you can create some wonderful tastes and combinations! 
Here's what Eddy and I had this morning with our breakfast...

A colander full of Kale, celery, about 6 apples and some cucumber.

Ironically, our faithful juicer actually died this morning...he has served our juicing habit well for the past two years, but now I think it's time to replace him!

And thrown in for a bit of fun...this is what we woke up to this morning! How amazing is the English sunshine at the moment! I can't get enough of people watching in the hazy summery sun :)

I hope you're all having a blissful sunday whatever you're up to!
Love Bunty 


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