Large Family Dynamics

Hey guys, the beautiful thing about large families is that there is always someone to talk to, to share in the joys and sorrows of life. I come from a big catholic family, i'm actually one of eight which I always considered, by today's standards to be rather large... Until I met my husband to be, of course! 
Eddy is also from a large family- he is one of eight too! So in total our immediate families make up twenty, not to mention my beautiful nieces and nephew, my two brothers-in-law and Eddy's grandparents....(i'll let you guys do the maths there!)

It's quite an unusual but amazing reality that we have close family wherever we look. Some of us have left our 'family nests' and have moved away, but the funny thing is we are never more than a couple hours away from family. Sometimes I wonder if eventually we will all end up spread over England and it cheers me to think we ought to  always be close to at least one of our siblings if that's the case!

Thing's aren't always easy: having a child has made me feel this enormous responsibility to ensure Noah has a relationship with each and every member of family. Both Eddy and I so want to preserve for Noah this great privilege we had growing up. Even though the dynamics and distance can seem hard to conquer, we are so thankful to have the families' around us. After all, at the end of the day the only thing we have on this earth is our faith and the people we love. 

Thank you to our beautiful families
Love Bunty 


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