Never enough time!

Do you ever have those days where time just seems to fly by and you feel as though you haven't achieved anything?! Now I'm not having a downer here, but this happens to me a lot! I always wake up with a list of things to get done, whether it be around the house, or running errands with Noah in town. But it always seems like on the days where I have a tight ship to run, life takes me down a completely road.
 I recognise that sometimes it's good to step away from whatever it is i'm doing and take some time to just sit with a cup of tea, play with Noah, or just talk to my husband. It turns the stress I feel for not feeling productive into a positive where I can recognise the joy of simple pleasures.
This weekend my little sister is visiting with us and some of Eddy's family are down too. I'm so looking forward to the 'break' in routine and our family having quality time together. After all, it's important to cherish these moments together...hopefully time will run by a little slower this weekend!

 *My little sister Rosie hanging out with Eddy. They're watching a movie together whilst catching up and trying to ignore my snooping photography!* haha 

Happy Friday everyone, have a wonderful weekend!
Love Bunty 

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