Out and about with a baby!

Hi everyone, I thought I would post about something a little different than usual today. Since Noah has gotten more verbal and definitely more active, I have definitely found myself adapting our routines a bit and having to think up new strategies to distract him when we are outside or in public spaces. We all know babies work on their own clocks which are very set in the present time. What they want right here and now tends to be the order of the day and it's so lovely to see the character development coming from their individual desires and wants. But sometimes it's just not doable to give them what they want instantaneously, especially when we are out of the house running errands, for example. 
I thought I would show you what we bring along on our trips out in the pram, just to try and cover all basis and keep Noah happy for the most part! I should have called this post 'what's in my handbag' actually, as that is essentially the truth to keeping Noah happy....lots of things to look at/nibble  in mummy's handbag!

Milk supplies: I never leave the house with Noah without at least one bottle and formula feed on hand. He tends to have one at each nap time but he will happily have a milk feed in his pram if we are out of the house, and normally fall asleep with it too.

Cath kids lunch box: I recently picked this up from Cath Kidston at a complete bargain of £4! But it's become one of my favourite buys this month. Noah is now self-feeding quite a lot and enjoys the odd snack of breadsticks, cheddar cheese biscuits and veggies while we are out of the house. This box is perfect for storing snacks away or even his full on lunch if we are going to be out of the house during that time. I'll often make him a sandwich for lunch with some fruit, pop it in this box and voila! We are good to go.

Cath Kids toy bag: Noah has a lovely little rucksack which I like to fill with a few toys when we are out of the house. I can always call upon this bag if we run into boredom difficulties and his face will usually light up immediately!

Blanket: I always have one stowed away somewhere, partly because the weather is so changeable and though it might be warm leaving the house, it all to often goes a bit chilly while we are away and so having a nice snuggly blanket is very important to keep Noah's tootsies warm. The other reason I love having a blanket handy is because they are always great for impromptu games of 'peekaboo'. At the moment, Noah will play peekaboo with just about anything, from Daddy's mobile phone to his own toys and books. But he especially likes playing peekaboo in the pram with a blanket right over the top of his pram so he can enjoy the excitement of pulling it off and grinning at us!

Keys: If all of the above fails and we are really headed for tantrum central, Noah does LOVE to play with our car/house keys and so i'll pull these out as a last ditch attempt to distract him! haha! 

As you can see, for the past 11 months I have been learning a few tips and tricks to occupy my baby! But I have to credit him with his determination. He definitely knows what he wants and won't stop until he gets it! At the moment it's Daddy's studio equipment which he has taken keen interest in...mmm I'm not sure how that will work out! haha!

For all the lovely mummy's out there, how do you distract your little ones and keep them happy in public? I'm always eager for new tips! :)

Love Bunty


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