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Hi guys, I came up with an idea for storing my necklaces yesterday and I thought it would be cool to show you...
Non-precious metals are a nightmare to store if they touch each other, it makes them wear and go horrible really quickly and so i've been looking for a solution for a while. I thought about buying some pretty hooks and installing them on our bedroom wall to hang my jewellery from, but I've been trying to limit the amount of holes I hammer in these walls! It is only month two living here after all! And because I know I keep changing my mind about where to put things, the less nails in the walls, the better for now!
So, I decided instead to use the wooden frame of a mirror we've had for a while. About a year ago I painted the frame white and 'distressed' it by sanding it down, but since we moved it has just been sitting in our bedroom looking completely lost! 
I tapped some nails onto the top of the frame, keeping them in a straight line. They're very small and discreet so you can't really see them at all. Then I simply chose which pieces to hang on the nails(making sure not to allow the necklaces to touch each other!) And there you go, job done! I'm quite happy with the result and even happier that it cost me nothing in the end! 
It's funny how sometimes solutions you think are going to cost money, really don't need to if you think 'outside the(in this case jewellery)box'...or just head over to Pinterest! Haha!
What do you all think?

Love Bunty


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