Some exciting news!

Hi everyone, so after several weeks of 'umming' and 'aaahing' we have finally decided to take a step into the unknown and begin a family Youtube channel where we will regularly upload videos about our lives as a young Catholic married couple with a baby. This is a project that I have wanted to have a go at for a really long time! My inspiration, coupled with Eddy's love for editing video's has brought the past few days to life!

We really hope you like the videos and appreciate all your support. If you are a Youtube fan, please 'subscribe' to our channel and give our videos a 'thumbs up' as this will really help us to determine which kinds of vids you guys prefer seeing from us!

Our channel will come under the umbrella of my blog at BuntyLiving, but we are aiming to create separate series where Eddy and I can create videos about our own personal interests. For me this will go hand in hand with my blog and for Eddy his will mainly be around tutorials for his music studio equipment. Hopefully there will be something for everyone on our channel and we just want to take a moment to invite you to come along with us!

We will have our first video up for you guys later today and I will share the links with you all then. So make sure you have the kettle boiled, put your feet up and enjoy some silly family antics!

Love Bunty

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