Splish Splash time!

My little man has recently got extremely into his bath time and for us it has become a really special part of the day. I used to bath Noah every other day until I realised how much he was enjoying bath time and looking forward to it! As he gets towards the end of his evening meal he will now look up in the direction of the bath and start pointing. If I dare mention those words 'splish splash' he explodes into a series of excited noises and demands to get out of his high chair to crawl at top speed towards the bathroom.
It's lovely to recognise that Noah is making little decisions for himself all the time now. Bath time has become part of his 'wind down' evening routine and Eddy and I love to sit with him as he splashes around and tries various new tricks in the tub. His latest game is to try and grip a slippery bar of soap for as long as possible, and when it finally plops out of his grip he breaks into giggles and chases after it again.
Sometimes bathing can feel a bit of a chore after a long day, especially when I know Noah might not necessarily need a bath, but seeing how much enjoyment he gets out of it makes it so worth it! It relaxes him and puts him in a good frame of mind for sleep, which in turn relaxes tired out parents!
I'm starting to really sense that it is all about the little things when it comes to raising babies. The small details in the day, which can be easy to overlook, are often the ones that bring us closer together as a family. 

I hope you're all enjoying your evening!
Love Bunty

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