Tissue Pom Poms

Hey everyone, in yesterday's blog I showed you Noah's new nursery interior and one of the things I made to go in there were some tissue paper pom poms. These are such a cheap but effective way to add a pop of colour to an interior, particularly a child's bedroom as they love looking at bright objects. 
I thought I would give you a step-by-step guide of how to make your own. They are extremely versatile and can be used to decorate all kinds of things: parties, weddings, domestic spaces, etc. 

To begin, you will need tissue paper, for my large white one I used about 9 sheets of A1 white paper. You will also need some sharp scissors and a bobbin of invisible thread (If you are hanging your pom poms.)

Line up the sheets and begin to fold about 1cm down

Now do the same again, but fold in the opposite direction...keep doing this folding motion until you end up with one strip left.

When you have finished folding, your paper should look like this.  Where my finger is pointing you should tie some of the invisible string to secure the fan shape. If you want to hang your pom poms make sure you secure a long loop of invisible string, attaching it at the centre so that you don't have to fiddle about trying to locate the centre when the pom pom is made!

Now, using sharp scissors, cut the two ends into an arrow shape.

Now layer by layer, pull the tissue paper out until each layer is separated from the rest. (Note, on this pom pom I have not cut the edges into an arrow shape)

Once you have finished separating the layers, keep adjusting and pulling them until you are happy and they should resemble a pretty ball!

And that is it guys! Super easy! I think this would also make a cute activity for children to have a go at, maybe you could make a 'playdate' of it?

Love Bunty


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