Washing your make-up brushes

Hello lovlies, today I am going to show you how I wash my makeup brushes and try to maintain them  in general. When you think about how often you use makeup brushes, (normally once a day for myself), that actually means a lot of contact with your skin on a weekly basis. But once freshly cleaned brushes have been used, the bristles begin to carry residue makeup, oil and bacteria, all of which is transferred straight back onto your face if you don't keep up with cleaning them! It's a bit gross when you think about it and it can in fact lead to outbreaks and irritations on your skin if you aren't careful about keeping up a level of hygiene in maintaing your makeup tools.
 I 'deep clean' my brushes once a week, normally at the weekend and then, if I feel they need it, I will also clean them during the week.

If you're interested to know how I clean mine, keep reading!

First of all, I arrange them on a clean towel with a bowl of warm water mixed with a gentle shampoo, normally baby shampoo. I actually ran out the other day so I'm using a shower creme...I love the coconut scent though! 

Next I dip the brushes one by one, into the bowl and gently swirl the bristles around allowing the shampoo to draw out the makeup and dirt into the water. You can do this on the palm of your hand too, as you swirl the brush it makes a lather which really helps to get up into the bristles and clean the harder to reach areas. Make certain you hold the brush facing downwards though because you want to avoid water getting into the handle and loosening the glue. 

When all the brushes have been shampooed I take them to the sink and, holding them facing downwards, I gently squeeze the excess lather from the bristles, until the water runs clear.

Then I lay the clean brushes flat on a clean town, I like to leave them to air dry naturally. I think the best time to wash your brushes is after you use them in the morning because then you have the best part of 24 hours to leave them to dry...sometimes it can take a while! When they are dry again I store mine in a glass jar upright and I try not to allow them to touch each other as they can pass dirt onto one another this way. 

And there you have it, clean and fresh brushes ready for the next use! I hope this helps some of you. I definitely believe that taking good care of your makeup tools helps your makeup look better on and it prolongs the life of your tools too!

Have a lovely day guys,
Love Bunty


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