What I Ate Wednesday!

Hi guys, as ever I'm running so behind on my blog this week! Sorry! Yesterday I thought I would join the growing chain of bloggers who post about what they ate in a day. For me this is not diet related or 'showing off how healthy I am' related. I just think it's cool to share food ideas and recipes with other people and see what you all like to eat too!

So yesterday for my breakfast I had a coffee with some cereal. Normally I opt for porridge because it fills me right up to lunch, but we had some red berry granola that needed finishing so I had that. It isn't the healthiest choice at all as it was definitely very sweet but it tasted so yummy! 

For lunch we had a cheeky Costa Coffee takeaway. I got the tuna and cheese panini melt which is my absolute favourite! Eddy had the ham and cheese panini melt and Noah had a cheese and tomato toastie. I think he enjoyed it as he gobbled it down so fast! I also picked up a couple of their muffins which are amazing....and terribly 'calorific' too :s, we had these for our evening treat! 

Don't mind the Cath Kidston tablewear overload by the way! Can you tell I'm a little obsessed? Haha!

For dinner Eddy made one of my favourite meals ever, a sweet and sour chicken dish with lots of mixed veggies. I totally see this photo looks like a sloppy mess, completed by a chipped bowl...But I kid you not, this tastes amazing! :)

Noah ate a purée of mixed vegetables for his dinner...sorry I totally forgot to photograph his dinner! :( For our evening treat we had a chocolate muffin from Costa with a nice cup of tea and watched a movie. Ahh bliss :)

 So that is pretty much it for yesterday, I did drink several glasses of water and had a couple more cups of tea than mentioned!
Hope you're all having a lovely day!
Love Bunty!


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