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Good morning everyone! Today I wanted to touch on something a little different than usual...how we as a family balance our work lives with family time. It seems that sometimes my husband clocks up more hours working during the week than there actually are to be had! This isn't a complaint as I know many of the projects he is working on are amazing and we as a family are privileged to be a part of them. But of course, this must never come at the cost of our family and in particular of the valuable time spent with Noah, our baby.
As a mummy, it's lovely that Eddy can work from home a lot of the time as just knowing that he is around can make hectic days much easier to cope with and also we can have catch up's during the day  too-the 'small talk-chitter chatter' which is sometimes very soothing for a stressed out mum!

Primarily, I am the parent who looks after Noah most days and he has his own little routine which mainly comprises of eating, sleeping and playing. If 'daddy' is working at home for the day it's lovely that he can stop at lunch time so we can have our meal together and also more often than not, some play time with his son. It's heartwarming to see his relationship with Noah growing and how important a figure Eddy is in his life. Already the natural tendency for Noah to seek me out for comfort whilst looking to Eddy for fun and games, is being played out in our home and it really gives us a sense of purpose in our parenting too. 
Sometimes our work lives can be hectic and there are days when Eddy works round the clock...funnily enough they tend to coincide with my 'stressed out' days, haha! But nevertheless, we do our best to keep  Noah's routine intact as much as possible, so that in the evening we can have that cherished time as a family. The phones go away, the computer gets shut down and we simply enjoy being together and the joys of family life...Well, that's what we aim for at least! haha!

Love Bunty


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