A few days retreat

I love our visits home and always feel so refreshed afterwards. My family all grew up in the heart of the Devonshire country and our family home has been the same home we all grew up in. We never moved house and so the physical building of our home is invested with so many precious memories and exciting moments that have happened in our lives. It is the hub of our family in so many ways, even though us older ones have 'flown the nest' so to speak. We all gather back every so often and are reminded once more of what really matters in life.
I sometimes find life itself can get overwhelming, especially with all the new ways of communicating and creating content with new media. The internet itself is an incredible resource, I would not contest that for a moment, but after a while I do find myself longing for a bit of peace- a bit of a retreat and a simpler life.
I think that is partly why I love coming home so much, because I can literally retreat into a hidden spot in the countryside and disappear from the world for a moment. 
I make a point of not being 'online' as much when I am home so that I can savour every moment with my loved ones and I definitely recognise the benefits (even just mentally) of switching off from the internet for a while. 
The last couple of days have been pure bliss and I have really felt myself relax and let go of the normal pressures I feel when I am at home running my own house. I thought it would be nice to share a couple of photos that I feel summarise the last few days for me...

Noah hanging out with uncle Eddy (who was extremely busy working on his summer tan!)

Beautiful kitchen view

Peeping into my favourite garden spot!

Painted toes and sandals screams that holiday feeling to me!

Meet Toby, our mischief maker dog who has gained quite a reputation as a troublemaker in our village! (Think Marley and me!) He is a big old softie really...promise!


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