Afternoon at the aquarium

To celebrate Noah's birthday today, Eddy and I took him along to our local aquarium. It's not a huge space which is quite nice for a young one as it didn't take too long to get around and it wasn't overwhelming or even that busy!
Nevertheless, Noah really enjoyed looking at the different tanks, colours and movements of the fish. He particularly liked a baby turtle which he persisted in following with his arm and trying to poke through the glass! After spending a while walking around the maze of fish tanks and looking at all the different fish, we had all worked up a bit of an appetite and so we headed about a mile down the road where we finally got to test the delightful menu of the Tenth Hole cafe. I have been waiting ages to check this place out and I was not disappointed! It's a beautifully British tea room with the most fantastic display of cakes on offer! Noah was quite in his element tasting mummy and daddy's cakes! After a refreshing brew of tea we made the trek home..all 2.6 miles of it! Haha, it was lovely to have a long walk outside and by the time we got home we were all pleasantly exhausted from our day. We've had a wonderful time celebrating Noah's birthday today...from one exhausted mama, goodnight world!

Love Bunty

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