Annie Sloan Coffee Table

It's been a quiet weekend on the blogger front from me, I've been enjoying a few much needed catch up days at my parents home. We haven't seen them for a couple of months so it has been really nice to take some time to be with the rest of my family. Nevertheless, it didn't take long for my hand to find a paintbrush and some wood to freshen up.

I've wanted a nice wooden coffee table for a really long time and have been looking for a bargain for ages. It wasn't until this morning that whilst looking in my parents garage (which houses all sorts of history in there) that I came across their old pine coffee table that has been sitting in there for several years now.
It was hidden under a pile of boxes and other pieces of furniture and once I got my brother to dig it out for me, it triggered many happy memories of sitting in our lounge as a young family, sipping on tea or playing board games. It was in need of some serious TLC as it was covered in dust and dirt and was full of dents from years of use in our family home.

Mum kindly offered it to me to make a shabby chic project out of it and so I took myself off to Source for the Goose where I picked out a beautiful Annie Sloan paint to finish the legs and lower table with. 
I love Annie Sloan paints, they are wonderful to work with and always have a lovely matt finish which fades beautifully over time. I opted for 'Paloma' which is a mushroom colour with a hint of pinky undertone. It's warm and fresh and should (I hope) tie in nicely with the general colour scheme in our lounge.

First, I decided to sand down the top of the table. I'm a sucker for natural wood and I really enjoyed doing this to my kitchen table last year, so I was all too ready to have another go. After sanding down the top, I got painting the legs and shelf underneath. The paint is very thick and really only needed one coat to cover the wood. I'm really pleased with the outcome and very thankful to have such generous parents!  

As I was telling mum earlier, the only difficult part of this renovation will be convincing Eddy that we CAN fit it in the car to take home tomorrow night! Haha!

Love Bunty


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