At the end of the day...

I love our evenings together as a family. Tonight I went out for a long hike and when I got home my husband had bathed the baby and had dinner on the table for me! Talk about a spoiled mummy! haha!
 It's always nice to wind down the day in a relaxed environment, we often sit and share stories from our day: the joys, the surprises and the challenges too. I always look forward to this special time with Eddy when the baby is in bed and we can catch up on the things going on in our own lives and hearts. One thing is certain: that we always round off the night with a hot cup of tea and perhaps a naughty treat! Tonight I had a handful of m&m's with my 'mommy night cap' (brewed tea) and it was the perfect end to a lovely day!
Do I regret eating the chocolate? Me? Nope, never! 
haha, Love Bunty

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