Baby proofing doesn't have to be dull!

 Among my list of things to do this week is to 'baby proof' the house a bit more! I need to buy latches for our drawers and cupboards, socket covers and start putting breakable items out of reach! Noah is really at that stage where he is bumping into things left, right and centre and knocking things over, all whilst mastering his new technique of standing and moving around. There's no stopping him and I definitely need to watch him like a hawk when we're at home now!
One thing i've been doing is trying to cover sharp edges or corners which he is particularly prone to getting up close and less than friendly to. He has a little cubby hole chest in his bedroom which has various bits and bobs inside but he is always more interested in pulling down what is on top of it! I decided to make a soft cushion to sit on the chest as a bit of a guard for his head more than anything. I used cotton fabric and wadding inside and literally just sewed the seams up. It was really simple to make but I'm just happy that now we have one more 'bump proof' piece of furniture in our home!
I think it looks quite sweet and it was definitely more interesting to think about than socket covers!

love Bunty

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