Breakfast Buddies

Last night we decided to stay over at my sister's house. We took the kids out to dinner and had a lovely time catching up with each other. Nicola and Noah love hanging out together, and now that Noah is that bit older in terms of chattering and crawling around, they have a lot of fun playing and chasing each other around. I love that already the two are forming such a close relationship and I look forward to the years ahead and all the antics that are to come!
This morning we put Frozen the movie on and they sat cuddling on the sofa whilst watching it with Eddy. It was too cute to not run and grab the camera! Shortly after, I presented them with breakfast (broken up croissants) and together they munched through about three! Little piggies!
It's really cool to see that the babies actually recognise and remember each other when they haven't seen each other in a while. Noah also knows that Aunty Maria has way more toys than we do and so as soon as we arrive at her house he will crawl at top speed into the lounge and head straight for the toy chests! 

Here is what the morning consisted of for the babes at chez Hince...


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