Celebrations and family time

This weekend we had a little get together of our family to celebrate Noah's one year. The weather was perfect so we spent all of saturday outside, sunbathing with a picnic in the park and a stroll along the beach. It was lovely for Noah to spend some time with his aunties, uncles and cousins who he doesn't get to see very often. We all went paddling in the shallows of the sea and had a great time splashing about and watching the boats sail past. It was a perfect summer day in so many ways and having lots of us together at the beach made it feel as though we were on holiday!
 Noah has been spoilt rotten with some lovely gifts which I will be showing you all soon. The last of our family left today and now the house seems far too quiet! Noah is completely exhausted and so had an early dinner followed by a bath and has been put to bed...(we'll see if he lasts through the evening!) 
As well as complete exhaustion from such a busy weekend, I think both myself and Eddy have been left with a great sense of togetherness in our families. It's no small feat getting our big families together these days, but as parents, seeing how everyone will 'go the extra' mile to celebrate the new budding generation is really heartwarming and beyond anything, we feel blessed and grateful knowing how loved by everyone little Noah is.

I hope you've all had lovely weekends too?! 

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