Garden in the City

Joining the front our our lounge space we have a generous sized balcony overlooking the sea front and this has become one of my favourite places to stop for a few moments and watch the world go by (or the ships anyway!) Although our balcony space will never replace the luxury of a lush green back garden, it's what we have for the time being and now that I feel we are getting somewhere with the interior of our new home, I have been turning my attention to our garden space. I want to fill it with plants and flowers and really make it a beautiful spot to sit and relax. We are very lucky that we get the evening sunshine on our side of the building. These summery nights are staying light till near 10pm now and it's a real luxury to be able to while away the evening, watching the sun go down and all the colours of the sky come out!

Although our balcony is completely child friendly, (there are no gaps or spaces for a little one to try any daredevil tricks!)we do regard it as an adult space and we don't allow children out onto it. I feel there is no need for Noah to be out here and I just don't want him getting interested in it as a new place to explore, especially as there are pieces of furniture he would try and climb. Instead, I make sure we get outside most days, often to the park where he can crawl off some energy playing or going on the swings. Living in a small city is nice because it offers so many things for kids to do and where we live is made up of stunning coast line, green parks and commons. It's a really beautiful place to explore with young children.

So far I have bought a small bistro table and chairs to keep out here. It gives us the option of eating outside in the warm weather which is a real treat! I also got some cute taupe chair cushions from (you guessed it-Dunelm) which give a more comfortable look to the metal frames of the chairs.
As we eventually get more pieces for our 'garden space' i'll show you how it's coming along!

(Sorry about this photo- I took it from inside to show you the view from behind!)

Love Bunty


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