Getting ready for the day

 Hey guys, one part of my daily routine which I love is getting ready in the morning. It's taking ten minutes for myself to shower, get dressed, put on some makeup, put a comb through my hair and start the day! I am a bit of a control freak at the best of times and I know that I don't feel 'ready' to face anything if I'm not dressed. Although I used to love this time by myself, recently I've started sharing this time with Noah who loves to rifle through my wardrobe, shoes, makeup boxes, etc...he is all over my things! Haha! It's nice though because he will quite happily sit playing next to me while Im doing my makeup and we chatter away to each other about what the day has in store. One of the things he loves doing is making a bee line to the box where I stash my hair rollers. He knows exactly which one it is and will often end up with rollers stuck to his pyjamas as he crawls off somewhere...too funny!

I think the point that i'm slowly learning is that whilst the concept of 'me time' is becoming less and less, the opportunity to turn 'me' time into family time is becoming easier to accommodate. It doesn't necessarily mean not doing the things I need/want to do during the day, rather to just change the way I do them. Including Noah in these moments creates another opportunity to bond as he is discovering more about me and the differences between mummy and daddy as the days go by.

Have a lovely day guys!
Love Bunty


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