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Good morning everyone! Happy monday to you all! I thought I would show you what Noah and I had for our breakfast this morning. I'm trying to keep a healthy diet whilst not cutting out the things I love. It's so important to eat breakfast regardless of your weight/fitness goals because it both helps your metabolism and keeps you fuller for longer meaning you don't cave to junk food when you realise you're super hungry because you haven't eaten all day! Our resolve to make healthy eating choices is considerably lower when we are very hungry and so by avoiding those pit falls of hunger, you avoid putting yourself in the way of temptation!
A healthy breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and an opportunity to pack your body full of the nutrients it needs to perform for you during the day.

This morning I made porridge with whole milk, (we use Scotts porridge oats) and then I had a handful of blueberries, raspberries and half a banana chopped up. I also had a pint of water with my porridge. This makes a delightfully filling breakfast that keeps me going till lunchtime.
Noah had porridge too, he also had some blueberries and the other half of my banana chopped up. He doesn't really like raspberries at the moment so he skipped on those! 
This is a really simple way to get your body off to a good start in the morning and because it only takes a couple of minutes to prepare, it's a great 'go to' if you are in a hurry!

What do you guys eat for breakfast?

love Bunty


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