New bookcase window

Today I decided to 'freshen up' my little bookcase cupboard. Just before Noah was born I picked this up from Ebay at a bargain of only £10 and transformed it from a rather dull glass cabinet, to a shabby chic storage cupboard. It was originally painted white in a gloss finish and had an ugly floral translucent glass front...it honestly looked like a bathroom window- had to go! I sanded down the white paint and repainted it in a bluey/green colour, leaving the top surface as natural wood.
 At the time I put a piece of fabric in the window which had a nautical boat theme but I've grown a bit tired of the same old fabric and so today I decided to use some spare gingham taupe fabric to replace it.  
This was SO easy to do, all I needed to buy was a staple gun to staple the fabric in place. It couldn't have been more straightforward to do and it's also very easy to change when you want something new. All I had to do was to take the old staples out, remove the old fabric and start stapling the new fabric into place.

And here is what the final outcome looks like... I think it just looks a bit fresher and clean. Im debating whether to re-paint the cupboard in a cream colour...but I think i'll sleep on it for a couple more days! haha!

Love Bunty!


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