Quick and simple meal for baby

As I hadn't been very well this evening and Eddy was working quite late, I wanted to make Noah a simple evening meal that wouldn't be too arduous to prepare or take too long to cook either. I settled on pasta, which happens to be a current favourite of his. After cooking the pasta I added a dollop of Philadelphia cream cheese and some chopped tomatoes and mixed these together until it formed a thicker sauce. Noah enjoyed munching this down and it only took me about 10 minutes to make! Pasta is a brilliant staple and it is so easy to make lots of different varieties of flavours and sauces to go with. Tonight's recipe was so basic but was evidently very enjoyable for Noah. It's definitely handy to have a couple of quick recipes you can rely on for those evenings when you just can't face spending too long in the kitchen!

Love Bunty


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